• Middle East growth collapses

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Sun Apr 28 11:52:43 2019
    The growth of airlines in the Middle East reached the lowest level of this decade in 2018. After years of double growth, the capacity increase in 2018 was a modest 3.1 percent.

    In the period 2014 - 2016, the seat capacity increased by 10 to 13 percent per year. In 2017 it already dropped to 6 percent and last year there was therefore another halving.

    This decrease is partly due to the misery at Etihad Airways, which is restructuring as a result of billions in losses, and the reintroduction of sanctions against Iran. The number of seats to and from Tehran Khomeini Airport decreased by 7.5 percent.

    But mega airport Dubai Airport is also not doing well. Capacity there declined by 0.1 percent in the past year. A much larger decrease is expected in 2019 because one of the two runways will close for months for maintenance.

    Flag carrier Emirates nevertheless remains the largest airline in the region. With 83 million seats, she outnumbered the numbers two (Saudi Arabian Airlines, 74 million) and three (Qatar Airways, 51 million) in 2018.

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