• Criticism for Boeing

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Sun Apr 21 21:29:37 2019
    The Boeing management has received strong criticism from two shareholder advisory firms because of the problems involving the 737 MAX. The companies advised investors to oppose the way in which the management is now structured at the aircraft manufacturer, as reported by the Financial Times.

    Institutional Shareholder Services believes that Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg should no longer play a double role. He is now both chairman and executive director. ISS advocates the arrival of an independent chairman, the newspaper said.

    Glass Lewis, a branch of ISS, has a different advice. Glass Lewis believes that the head of the so-called audit committee at Boeing should be replaced.

    The American concern is currently being examined by numerous agencies. With a 737 MAX aircraft, two fatal crashes occurred in a short time, in October in Indonesia and in March in Ethiopia. There are also shareholders who have taken the group to court. They claimed that Boeing "put profitability and growth above safety and fairness" and concealed the true extent of the plane's security problems.

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