• The end for Jet Airways

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Sun Apr 21 21:26:11 2019
    Jet Airways has operated its last flight, the airline reports. The ailing company is desperate for money, but an application for a million credit with the state bank SBI of India has been rejected.

    The problems at Jet Airways have accumulated in recent weeks. Salaries were not paid, angry leasing companies claimed rented aircraft and the network fell apart. Handling agent WFS had a Boeing 777 chained up at Schiphol Airport due to unpaid bills, and fuel suppliers also discontinued their services to Jet Airways.

    There is still no question of a bankruptcy application, since negotiations are still taking place with potential investors behind the scenes. Whether these talks will arrive on time to save Jet Airways is highly questionable. The deadline for a solution has been set on 10 May.

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