• 747 as diving object

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Tue Jan 22 18:24:22 2019
    Bahrain plans for a Boeing 747 to be sunk in the Persian Gulf to create a diving park for tourists. According to the government, the Jumbo jet is the largest aircraft ever used for this purpose.

    In the dive park also other attractions, such as a replica of a pearl seller's house. They must provide a safe haven for coral growth and different fish species. The highest environmental standards are maintained.

    The opening of the dive park is expected just before summer. In addition to boosting the tourism sector, Bahrain also wants to facilitate maritime scientific research with the park. It is not known which Boeing 747 is sunk.

    It often happens that tourism authorities dump old planes into the sea to create a diving attraction. For example, there is an Airbus A300 off the coast of Kusadasi in Turkey and a Douglas DC-3 and NAMC YS-11 can be found on the seabed near Aruba.

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