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    The third prototype of the Chinese C919 flew for the first time last Friday. The Chinese airliner took off from Pudong International Airport near Shanghai and remained in the air for an hour and 38 minutes. The further test flight program will take place in Xian.

    The C919 has a capacity of 150 passengers and is the Chinese response to the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320. The first C919 flew in May last year, the second test aircraft took to the air for the first time in December 2017.

    The Chinese aircraft manufacturer COMAC will use three more C919s for the test flight program. These aircraft will fly for the first time in 2019, reports Xinhua state press agency.

    In total, more than three hundred C919s have been ordered so far. If all outstanding options are redeemed, that number can amount to more than a thousand machines. Practically the complete business for the C919 comes from China itself.

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    On Wednesday, the Chinese state-owned company Comac extended its ongoing cooperation with Boeing and once again presented the fourteen-year-old homemade passenger aircraft C919 as new. In the meantime, China has to get out of the corona crisis: the communist regime sticks to the policy that every infection is one too many. Air traffic is also still seriously disrupted as a result.

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