• British Airways ... watch out for bullet fragments

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Thu Dec 13 16:00:55 2018
    British Airways gives a remarkable warning to its Business Class passengers: anyone ordering the venison stew with dumplings, roasted chestnuts and kale runs the risk of chewing a piece of a bullet.

    "Although the greatest care has been taken [in preparation], there is a small risk due to the nature of the product that ball residues can be found in the meal", British Airways reports in the Business Class menu.

    The warning was noticed this weekend by the American author and radio host Michael Brown during a flight from London to Chicago. The photo he shared then became a hit on social media.

    Brown decided to take it safe in the flight and opted for a salad instead of the stew. He says to The Sun, however, hard to have the warning laughed with the crew, who was just as surprised.

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