• Ryanair not bothered by Brexit

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    Although Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary has often warned in the past about the possible negative effects of Brexit on aviation, those concerns now seem to have subsided. According to the Irish budget company, flight operations to the United Kingdom can continue without problems after leaving on 29 March.

    Even if the British Parliament votes against the Brexit agreement between Prime Minister May and the EU, this does not mean that the flights to the United Kingdom have to be discontinued. Ryanair came to this conclusion after the European Commission gave some reassurances last week, marketing director Kenny Jacobs said on Wednesday at a press conference in London.

    Ryanair's customers also seem to have little concern about the effects of Brexit on air traffic. "The demand for airline tickets remains very strong. Both Britons and Europeans continue to book tickets [on flights to and from the UK] en masse for the period after the Brexit, "said Jacobs according to Reuters news agency. A sales record was recently broken.

    The marketing director went on to say at the press conference that Ryanair is not interested in a takeover of the ailing airline Flybe, which offered itself for sale last week. Jacobs thinks that Flybe is bought by a combination of parties and then split into different parts.

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