• Australian pilot falls asleep

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Mon Nov 26 18:30:30 2018
    The Australian Transport Safety Bureau has started an investigation into an incident in which a pilot would have fallen asleep. When he awoke, his original destination was almost fifty kilometers behind him.

    According to the ATSB, the plane concerned, a Piper Navajo from Vortex Air Charters, had taken off from Devonport to King Island on 8 November when the pilot fell asleep at cruising altitude. When he woke up he had already flown beyond his destination. Eventually the aircraft turned around and landed without any details.

    The ATSB takes the incident very high and examines, among other things, whether the pilot had been in tow for too long. The final report is expected in the spring.

    --- D'Bridge 3.99 SR33
    * Origin: AVIATION ECHO HQ (2:292/854)