• Stewardess breastfeeds a hungry baby-passenger

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Sat Nov 10 20:31:21 2018
    A remarkable picture on a domestic flight in the Philippines Wednesday. A stewardess has the baby of one of the passengers in her arms, while she is breastfeeding. Stewardess Patrisha Organo turned out to be the saving angel for a young mother.

    Patrisha Organo of Philippine Airlines, who herself has a nearly one-year-old daughter, was worried about how a baby on the plane was heartbreaking crying. "It was such a kind of shouting, for which you would want to do everything to help", she wrote herself on Facebook. "I immediately went to the mother to check if everything was in order."

    It turned out there was a problem: the woman did not have enough powdered milk for her baby. In tears she told her story to the flight attendant, who immediately started looking for a solution. "I felt a stab in my heart, because there is no milk powder on board", says Organo. "I thought to myself: there is only one thing I can offer and that is my own milk." And that was exactly what she gave the baby.

    "I saw the relief in the eyes of the mother. I gave the baby food until she fell asleep. ", the stewardess says happily, afterwards she returned the child to the mother, who thanked her countless times, and the stewardess, who went home with a warm feeling." This flight will always stay with me. Thank God for breast milk, "she concludes.

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