• 737 MAX safety warning by Boeing

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Fri Nov 9 01:57:11 2018
    Boeing has issued a safety warning for airlines using the 737 MAX. The warning relates to what pilots have to do in case a certain sensor does not function properly. The reason for the warning is the crash with a Boeing 737 MAX 8 from Lion Air, last week in the Java Sea.

    The safety warning is published in an Operations Manual Bulletin, which the aircraft manufacturer sends to customers. Normally the American aviation authority FAA follows this with a so-called Airworthiness Directive, whereby users are forced to take action.

    The warning more specifically concerns a so-called Angle or Attack (AOA) sensor. The Indonesian Transport Safety Council has established that onboard flight JT610 there was incorrect input from one of those AOA sensors. The Angle or Attack is the angle of the wings with respect to the airflow.

    In the service bulletin, users of the 737 MAX are called upon to point out the circumstances in which an AOA sensor does not work properly in existing flight crew procedures.

    Boeing says in a statement to offer every possible support in the investigation into the cause of the accident. The Indonesian authorities are in charge of the investigation.

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