• Baggage handler falls asleep in the baggage compartment

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Sun Nov 4 16:30:07 2018
    A 23-year-old baggage handler fell asleep on Saturday morning at Kansas City Airport in the cargo hold of a Boeing 737. His colleagues did not realize he was lying there, allowing the American Airlines aircraft to take off for the flight to Chicago.

    The sleeping man was only discovered when the plane landed at O Hare International Airport an hour later. He was questioned by the authorities and then put back on the plane to Kansas without criminal charges (but then in
    the passenger cabin).

    The baggage handler stated that he fell asleep because he had too much
    alcohol that night and had to start early. American Airlines, the employer of the man, started an investigation and put him on hold for the time being, according to various American media.

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