• United with A321NEO LR to Europe ?

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Fri Oct 26 05:25:54 2018
    United Airlines is considering purchasing the Airbus A321neo Long Range (LR) to replace part of its Boeing 757-200s. The Airbuses must then mainly serve on trans-Atlantic routes.

    When the A321LRs arrive, United wants to equip it with 178 seats. Sixteen of them are in the Polaris Business Class cabin and can be completely flat. In addition, there are 90 in Economy Class and 72 in Economy Plus (with extra legroom).

    Compared to the 'ordinary' A321neo, the LR has more fuel capacity and is therefore suitable for flights between Europe and the American east coast. Various companies, such as Aer Lingus and Air Transat, have ordered the aircraft for that reason.

    The Boeing 757-200's from United will soon be replaced with an average age of 22 years. However, the race is not run yet for the A321LR: United indicated earlier to also be interested in the new Boeing 797.

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