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    Embraer delivered 39 aircraft (15 E-Jets and 24 business jets) in the third quarter. This is a decrease compared to the same period last year, when a total of 45 aircraft (25 passenger aircraft and 20 business jets) left the production halls in Brazil.

    In the 'Commercial Aviation' segment, Embraer delivered thirteen E175s and two E190s in the third quarter. In the business segment, the light Phenom 300 with fifteen delivered airplanes was the most popular.

    In the first nine months of this year, Embraer delivered 112 aircraft, including 57 E-Jets. The E175 with 44 was by far the most popular, followed at great distance by the E190 (seven pieces). Up to now, Embraer has delivered three E190-E2. That is an improved version of the E190, with new engines and wings.

    The highlight for Embraer in the third quarter was a deal with the Swiss Helvetic Airways, which closed a deal for the purchase of 12 E190 E2s, with the possibility to increase this number to 24. During the Farnborough Airshow, United Airlines placed an order for 25 E170s, with deliveries starting in the second quarter.

    Embraer was forced to cancel orders in the third quarter. It was an order for one hundred E175 E2s from Skywest and an order for 24 E190s from JetBlue.

    The Skywest order has been deleted because it is currently unclear whether this heavier type of aircraft can be used under so-called capacity purchase agreements (CPAs) with mainline airlines. According to Embraer, Skywest still intends to purchase the Embraer machines against the previously agreed conditions.

    JetBlue has canceled an outstanding order at Embraer because the US airline has decided to replace its Embraer 190 fleet with Airbus A220s.


    Editor's note

    SkyWest does not operate its own flights but has CPA's with Delta and United flying under DL and UA brands. This allows them to negotiate lower paying salary deals with crews as long as they operate planes below a certain capacity.

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