• No sex on Delta flights ...

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    Delta Air Lines has suspended a cabin worker after appearing in a video on the internet showing how he makes love on a plane toilet with a well-known porn actor. The man was not at work at the time, but did have his Delta uniform.

    The anonymous cabin worker says to The Daily Mail that he did not know he was filmed during the act. The eight-minute video would have been put online by the porn actor, Austin Wolf. That soon came under the eyes of colleagues at Delta. Wolf was on the flight as a passenger.

    A spokesperson for Delta said the issue was being taken very seriously and that the employee has been suspended pending a full investigation.

    "This video does not reflect the standards of professionalism expected of our employees while representing the Delta brand or travelling as passengers on Delta aircraft.

    "We have suspended the employee and are conducting a full investigation," they said.

    By the way, Austin Wolf can also get into trouble: secretly filming is illegal.

    It is not known on which flight the 'incident' took place.


    Editor's note ... this sorta takes the whole fun out of flying ... 8-)

    Delta also might want to know whether the seat was up, or the seat was down. And if this can be considered as an upgrade ... and whether getting your own male porn star should be considered a perk in future...

    Austin Wolf apparently does not get any extra miles on his frequent flyer account for

    Personally, I think they have to change their in-flight safety-video bringing Deltalina back waving her finger "There is no sex on any Delta flight"

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