• Israeli aviation may come to a stop ...

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Mon Oct 15 10:35:07 2018
    The flight operations of Israeli airlines are at risk. For this,
    CEO Eli Dapas warns in a letter to senior government representatives.
    He is worried about safety abroad.

    According to Dapas, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that
    the Ministry will no longer employ Israeli security personnel at foreign airports from 1 January 2019. It involves 1,200 people worldwide. Up to
    now, the Ministry of Finance paid ninety percent of those costs, reports
    the Israeli news media Globes.

    There is now a threat to end. Any change in the complex security system requires the involvement of multiple agencies, and according to Dapas it
    is impossible to arrange that in just two and a half months. Without the
    staff working abroad, the safe handling of Israeli flights is endangered.

    There is no alternative and the time to come to a solution is short. Therefore, according to Dapas, the scenario threatens to stop all international flights from El Al and other Israeli airlines - Israir and Arkia.

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