• A380 order in danger

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Thu Oct 11 20:59:04 2018
    The last order for the Airbus A380 is in danger. The order of 20 Superjumbo's by Emirates, with a value of 9 billion dollars according to list prices, is in danger of being canceled due to disagreement with engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce. This is what insiders report to Bloomberg news agency.

    Airbus previously warned that the end of the production of the A380 was approaching if large orders would not arrive quickly, but then Emirates blew new life into production by ordering twenty of these aircraft. The Dubai company also took options on another 16 aircraft.

    According to the insiders, however, Emirates and Rolls-Royce do not succeed in reaching a deal on the delivery of engines. The Dubai company would not be satisfied with the price and performance of the offered product. The deadline for a choice of engines has now passed, so delay of delivery is lurking and possibly even cancelation.

    The other producer of A380 engines, Engine Alliance, according to the sources would not be interested in the order at all. The joint venture of General Electric and Pratt & Whitney has not received any orders for the engines for years and therefore wants to focus on production for other aircraft types.

    Spokespeople from the parties involved do not want to respond to the impasse.

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