• 19 hours from Singapore to New York

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Thu Oct 11 20:28:16 2018
    A plane operated by Singapore Airlines will fly for the first time in five years between Singapore and New York. The longest scheduled flight in the
    world - 16,700 kilometers - is at least a challenge for passengers: they have to occupy themselves for almost nineteen hours.

    The airline promises to provide as much service as possible with a special menu, customized LED lighting and an extensive film catalog. Pqssengers are already given the advice to drink enough and to exercise regularly on board,
    to avoid any blood clots in the legs.

    Flight SQ22 will normally take off at 2.35 p.m. in Singapore. There are two pilots and two co-pilots on board, and the cabin crew also works in shifts.

    Singapore Airlines previously flew between Singapore and New York. The route was discontinued in 2013 because the company decommissioned the aircraft that it used on the route (Airbus A340-500s).

    The connection is now made with an Airbus A350-900 ULR. ULR stands for 'ultra long range', or a version that can fly extra far. It can accommodate 161 passengers (67 in business and 94 in premium economy). There is no
    economyclass on board. No cheapo fares.

    And after 19 hours aloft ... there is the gruesome task of queueing for US immigration and customs.

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