• Air Niugini 737-800 takes a swim

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    A Boeing 737-800 from Air Niugini landed in the sea on Friday during the landing at Chuuk airport in Micronesia. All passengers of flight PX75 were able to leave the aircraft before it almost sank. They were taken to the mainland with fast boats.

    The passenger plane approached the airport in Chuuk, but due to unknown reasons it ended up in the sea, Air Niugini announced. The Boeing 737 is located at 160 meters from the coast according to media reports.

    About how the accident happened exactly contradictory messages. According to some sources, the plane shot off the runway during the landing. On social media you can see pictures of the half-sunken plane surrounded by small boats.

    It was previously reported that flight PX073 was traveling from Narita airport in Tokyo to Port Moresby in Papua New Guina with a stopover in Chuuk. However, the aircraft now came from the Micronesian Pohnpei. How many people were on board is also unclear. Sources speak from 45 to 57 occupants.

    The management of Air Niugini is in crisis consultation because of the situation. The crashed aircraft was thirteen years old and flew earlier for Air India Express and Jet Airways. It is one of only two Boeing 737-800s in the Air Niugini fleet. The rest of the fleet consists of two Boeing
    767s, a Dash 8, seven Fokker 100s and nine Fokker 70s.


    As I know a local who messaged me in the middle of the night:

    1) The plane overran the runway
    2) Even while people were being pulled out of the plane, locals were already
    stealing the life-rafts
    3) Several of the rescue vessels were already overloaded with people prior to
    getting to the aircraft
    4) The flight attendants were very disorganized and not ready for such an

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