• Avoid Ryanair this coming Friday

    From Ward Dossche@2:292/854 to All on Tue Sep 25 21:14:35 2018
    Ryanair will cancel 190 of the 2400 scheduled flights Friday because of a pilot strike in several European countries. That was what the Irish airline said. Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, Italy and Germany are affected.

    It is the second big strike day at the price fighter. On August 10, in the middle of the holiday season, pilots also laid down all work in five European countries.

    Ryanair thinks that around 30,000 passengers will be affected by the flight shortfall as a result of the action of a "very small minority" of the pilots, according to the company, the strike is "unnecessary" and harms the company and consumer confidence in Company.

    The conflict with Ryanair mainly revolves around the employment conditions that the budget company uses. In addition, the unions in all countries involved are of the opinion that the local labor legislation must apply to employment contracts. Now for many Ryanair pilots working abroad, Irish legislation applies.

    Ryanair once again complains that the strikes have been invoked by unions led by pilots serving other airlines, with the ultimate goal of damaging Ryanair's interests to the benefit of their employers. For example, according to the budget company, Eurowings pilots in Germany, KLM pilots in the Netherlands and Aer Lingus pilots in Ireland.

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