• Air France A380 to Atlanta

    From Ward Dossche@2:292/854 to All on Thu Sep 20 23:39:11 2018
    Air France flies from March 31 2019 with an Airbus A380 daily to Atlanta. The Superjumbo will replace a Boeing 777-200ER on the route, increasing capacity by 236 seats per flight.

    The French airline flies twice a day to the largest airport in the world. The afternoon flight (AF688) will be by the A380, the other daily flight continues with a Boeing 777-300ER.

    The use of the A380 means especially for Economy passengers an upgrade in comfort, with wider seats and also a quieter cabin. Those who fly in Business can fly better with the 777-300ER, because all passengers do have direct access to the aisle.

    A total of 516 passengers can travel in the French double-decker, divided over four travel classes.

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