• F100

    From Ward Dossche@2:292/854 to All on Thu Mar 11 22:42:41 2010
    Jaap Jacob Rosen, a Dutch financer in the aviation business, as aquired the plans of the Dutch made Fokker-100 and is attempting at starting-up again production at the Stork-Fokker maintenance base at Woensdrecht, the Netherlands.

    25 aeronautical engineers are already at work in a pre-production phase.

    Stork-Fokker already is the worldwide maintenance facility for F27, F28, F50, F70 and F100.

    Restart of building aircraft would be under the name of "Rekkof", which is Fokker inversed.


    --- D'Bridge 3.54
    * Origin: Many Glacier -- "The Lord of the Pings" (2:292/854)