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    From George Pope@1:153/757.2 to All on Thu Sep 2 06:22:16 2021
    Is there a twin star (brown dwarf) in sync with Sol that causes a huge cometary attack every 26 million years, causing mass extinctions, when its orbit takes it through the Oort cloud, disrupting it & expeling comets towards the inner planets?

    I've asked Dr. Jillian Scudder, Astrophysicist, for her thoughts on this.

    Awaiting her response.

    Anybody know more on this unproven-as-yet hypothesis?

    Or there's the related hypthesis of a giant trans-Neptunian planet(Tyche) that also could be disrupting the Oort Cloud)?

    No rush for us to plan for it, as the next event isn't due for another ~26M years. . . (2.37 light minutes by my calculations)

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