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    From George Pope@1:153/757.2 to All on Wed Jun 23 10:37:42 2021
    Apologies if cosmological subjects are not included in this echo's range.

    I'm presuming it is.

    Apparewntly I'm not the only one to ask paradoxical impossible questions. .

    If you go below "absolute zero"(all molecular motion stops at 0 Kelvin, but
    at -00001 K the temperature becomes infinitely hot, it seems!

    Experiment's details at: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/01/130104143516.htm

    amazing, our universe!

    Too bad the greater than 100% efficiency is only by a stilted definition -- unlimited power would be cool! (Nikola Tesla may have already done it, by an unknown methodology & look what that got him)

    Don't try to balk the evil rich.

    If they'd chiosen to invetr in space technology in the '70s instead of the
    Viet Nam Wsar, we'd now have unlimited power & bu9ildi8ng materials on Eart,
    & could suport a population of 20M or more on the planet, with everybody at what is currently the standard of living only for multi-billionaires. . .

    C'est la vie. . .

    So much still to benefit us available from developing space technologies:

    50+ km^2 solar arrays catching 100% of the energy from the sun that hits
    them, with self repairing bots crawling over the service 24/7, would give us near infinite power.

    We could capture asteroids from just past Mars' orbit, plus rocks surrounding Saturn to have near unlimited nickel, iron, & pure water.

    Our intra-solar system ferry tugs, using 0.1G acceleration are only ever <21 days' return journey to any planet in the system.

    Use these materials to build miles-high hydroponic grow trays for tonnes of edible fungi & plants to feed any population size.

    The rich require themselves tobe able to look down on the rest of us, so only they'll be able to afford the rare bits of real meat, likewise raised miles
    in the air on sturdy platforms.

    There'll be trickle down, as always (mostly their urine, as always)

    So there'll be incentive for the workers on these platform dfarms to do their work diligently to earn enough to have 30g of real meatr opnce or twice a
    year, while the rich have big juicy steaks daily, if they want (& we cheer as their arteries clog & kill them off one by one)

    I've not sesen any feaibility studies on this one, but if we enclosed the
    Earth in a sphere 30cm thick, of water, we'd cut gamma rays to zero, & likely that's the trigger that limits our cell reproduction(& eternal life in our Earthly bodies, should we choose to be so limited)

    Thoughts, rebuttals?

    Your friend,

    Cyberpope, Bishop of ROM
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