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    A simple, Fast and inexpensive curry: Dal lentil with radish

    I was looking for something simple and fast. Lentils fit the bill and my garden too!

    Now this one can be fancied up but the basics are used here. It's also pretty mild if milder curries are used and a milder topping pepper. If the family wants heat adjustment, use hotter minced peppers at serving time gauged to the person.

    1 cup lentils, I used brown
    1/2 cup baby radish leaves (tops of a bunch at store)
    3 1/2 cups vegetable broth
    1-2 tsp medium yellow curry powder (up to 2 TBSP)
    5-6 stalks of green onion, chopped small for garnish
    Optional: dollop per person of plain yogurt or sour cream, thin chopped banana pepper or cubanelle

    Place all but optional toppings and green onions in a pot and simmer with a lid. About 15 minutes after hitting simmer, test for doneness.

    -These are dry lentils in the bag along the bean area. Average today is 1.40 for a 16oz bag.
    -The radish is free from my garden but if you have to purchase, a bundle is 97cents and most folks toss the tops as not sure what to do with them (so calling it free).
    -I make my own veggie broth so for me, it's free. It's 1.33 at Walmart today. -For curry powder, best price is Amazon with 1lb for 7.29. I get better and in bulk for only a little more at savory spice shop but I'm a curry fan and use it frequently. I actually used 2 heaping tsp Rogan Josh curry and 2 heaping tsp of a lovely medium heat blend from Jamaica. Call it 1 cent per tsp?
    -Green onions free from my garden, this is about 10cents off a 50cent bundle. You can substitute a bit of onion or leek whites if you want and they are ore handy.

    Cost: 16oz dry lentil is 2 1/4 cups, so 62cents lentils, 0 for radish tops, 1.33 veggie broth if have to buy it, 3 cents curry (if that!), 10cents green onion. Total = 2.08 (with homemade broth and home grown green onions = 65cents). 4 servings at 1 cup each = 52cents (my way is 16cents).

    Optional additions will be 5cents sour cream (if that) per person, and 1 banana pepper is probably 10 cents at most split by 4 to 2cents per serving.

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