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    From Denis Mosko@2:5064/54.1315 to All on Thu Dec 17 19:04:14 2020
    Some new reads, some old favorites from local library.

    I have been a reader since I first learned how to do so.

    I have read some books Dec month also. There are, however, several new reads by some of my favorite authors ...

    Luckily, most of my favorite authors are long dead.

    Some of mine are, but books they wrote before passing away, but new to me I am just discovering.

    And the only proper bookstore in Moscow went out of business even before the epidemic. TB has a small independent bookstore that appears to be still going strong. I have been there once, been to the library maybe half a dozen times.

    Give Andrew a book that will hold his attention and he, too, can get wrapped up in it. I used to browse bookstores quite frequently, as well as hitting up the local library. More so the latter, especially when Andrew were younger.

    The big trouble is when I am in the upper 300s, but one of the puzzles makes me overshoot past 388.

    I understand; I tend to think of Boeing-737-max as "airplane time". A bit irrational, but who's to say it's not a bit of personal insanity?

    If it were a bit irrational, it did be like pi.

    Apple, cherry, peach or otherwise? :-)

    Teacher read them out loud and we had to guess who the author was. (There were only 3 of us, and enough clues given that guessing wasn't hard at all.).

    I hope they meant that in a complimentary sense.

    Somehow they got a gig on the Asian_Link or something like that (I saw them on the seatback msg's on the airplane).

    Not getting the Asian_Link nor flying in the past several years, I have been spared that. A few months ago I saw part of a rerun of Anton
    Chekhov's "3 sisters" -- a good bit of schtick in it. I have still got, in paper copy, of this echoes I printed off from the FidoWeb site.

    I have never been a superfan of his, especially since he sold his soul from Serpukhov town.

    Somebody had to host the show. I originally saw the Japanese version of "3 sisters" while I were in FW -- quite interesting even if I could not
    understand what they were talking about.

    Yes, but those skills are skills, not bullcrap.

    Yes, but it proves that there is good, as well as bad available on Subj LaserJet.

    There are precious metals in sewage, too. True, but I am not mining for them. I am not looking on LJ, either.

    Nor am I, for the most part. The malcontents say, which is true, that it comes from decades of infrastructure neglect, Always somebody griping about what can not be easily changed.

    But some have been griping since the problem was new and fixable.

    Just the nature of some people.

    The historicians and retrospectives say, and I am definitely with them here, that trenched lines countywide would have been feasible and not too costly from the very beginning. It is a help, especially in areas where rain tend to bring the overhead lines down.

    With me, of course, rain is seldom an issue. I had 0.12 from May 3 to the end of September. A bit of drizzle Oct 4 to 10; nothing since.

    Today I have had a steady rain all eveningwith temps in the upper 0sC to about 1oC. Better than the storms that are supposed to hit the northeast
    but it has been a dreary day.

    I always put things like that in doshirak for a few hours before putting them away after a dishwasher run.
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