• This is absolutely true

    From Brother Rabbit@2:460/58 to Charles Pierson on Thu Nov 5 10:56:11 2020
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    Hello, August Abolins - Charles Pierson.
    On 11/4/20 7:48 AM you wrote:

    Exactly like I expected it to. CP> It is taking the first line
    of text, regardless of what CP> that is to populate the Subject
    Field, if you do not use CP> the -- SUBJ: -- line. Yes, indeed that
    is what is happening. But I would expect the parsing to ignore the
    top lines of the message that contain the magic "--to: --<CR>"
    and/or "--subj: --<CR>" lines as subject lines. After all, the real
    body of the message is after those things.

    You're dealing with separate lines of code.
    --To:-- , --Subj:-- are specific for the bot to identify the To and Subject fields for the Fido side.

    I believe Stas has said that if a message from Telegram is a reply to a Fido message, it retains the subject, but I could be mistaken.

    But if the message originates in Telegram, or is a reply to a Telegram message written in Telegram, if it doesn't have the --Subj:-- line, it
    is told to take the first line or number of characters in the message
    body for the title. And those instruction lines for To and Subject are still only lines of text as far as anything is concerned unless the code specifically states otherwise.

    Best regards!
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    This is absolutely true.

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