• Uisge Beatha

    From Maurice Kinal@1:153/7001 to Nancy Backus on Sat Jun 20 17:27:21 2020
    Hey Nancy!

    The Glen Breton "Battle of the Glen" arrived this morning and after taking it out of it's box I quickly stashed it away in a safe place without opening it. The plan is to wait until 2020-11-05 before breaking the seal and uncorking to have the very first tasting. According to David A Copp, Esq. (June 2010), "A Single Malt worthy of the campaign commemorated by this Special Edition."

    We shall see.

    Life is good,

    ... Cybertoasts of note:
    2020-11-05 is 138 days from now and falls on a Thursday.
    2021-01-01 is 195 days from now and falls on a Friday.
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