• bread was: fever! in the morning, fever all through the night

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    almond flour is the one I've seen the most often of the nut flours...

    I grew up on the flatlands where wheat is king as far as flour is concerned. If I were a baker I'd probably try other sources when they present themselves but I am a lousy baker (to say the least) so I'll
    have to let this particular topic slide.

    I've done a fair bit of baking, not as much lately, though... But when I
    was baking, I was using grain flours, mostly wheat and rye... I've made
    oatmeal bread, but that's with rolled oats and wheat flour.... :)

    It is interesting though and I did check into where I could potentially find a pair of chestnut bushes. There are native species to be had but are not readily found in garden variety greenhouses ... not that I've seriously checked beyond a casual online search.

    Sounds like it was an interesting diversion... I've no desire to grow my
    own, either... ;)

    Supposedly yeast is available through Amazon, I've been told....

    It doesn't surprise me.

    Nor did it surprise me... Amazon seems to be a bit like Alice's
    Restaurant.... <G>

    ttyl neb

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