• weather was: i've got the power

    From Nancy Backus@1:229/452 to Maurice Kinal on Sat Apr 20 18:54:48 2019
    Quoting Maurice Kinal to Nancy Backus on 16-Apr-2019 04:13 <=-

    I got my reply to you at both CanadARM and the EuroPoint and the
    character in question survived intact. However I made a slight change
    to my offline messaging thingy here at CanadaARM and we'll see if this could work when replying of posting to you.

    We shall see....

    At "9:00 PM PDT Monday 15 April 2019" Nanaimo Airport is reporting
    that it is 7C or 45F if you prefer. For tonight they are guessing
    that the low will be 2C or 36F which is definetly cold for this time
    of year. :-(

    Sounds about what we got then... cold for us, but not quite as bad as
    for you..... we're more seasonal again for the moment, with the highs up
    in the 60sF mostly, and the lows more like that 7C you had on the
    evening of the 15th... We were almost up to 80F on Thursday this
    week... a bit too warm for this time of year....

    Oh and, it is all fun and games until someone loses an . :::evil

    So I went and refreshed my memory as to what these messages looked like
    in the various packets I got... Outpost's (which I think was where I saw
    the actual character when I read the message on the bbs) and Waldo's
    also had just the empty space.... Doc's, there was a long gap, to the
    end of the line, and then the beginning of the next line there was a
    space and then the period, followed by ":::evil grin:::" .... This held
    for all three messages....

    ttyl neb

    ... "At last I'm organized." he sighed and died

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