• SDM Fido-Opus (Max #)?

    From Ozz Nixon@1:275/362 to All on Wed Mar 27 14:57:58 2019
    I am reading through different code for *.msg folders. One piece is using Word (uint16) as the maxima is 65535, another using Integer (int16) with the maxima of 32,767 - however, since a 8.3 file system could technically handle 99,999,999 files.

    Also, I have seen some tossers using a minima of 2.msg and 1.msg used for high-water tracking. Another appears that 1.msg is the minima and uses a QBBS style LASTREAD.BBS for it's high-water tracker.

    Is this documented anywhere? Or is it just "Author's Discretion"?


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  • From mark lewis@1:3634/12.73 to Ozz Nixon on Wed Mar 27 18:06:06 2019
    On 2019 Mar 27 14:57:58, you wrote to All:

    Is this documented anywhere? Or is it just "Author's Discretion"?

    if it is documented anywhere, it would be in the FTSC reference library but i don't recall it being in there... so maintainer discretion... especially since it is done outside of FTN purvue ;)


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