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    From paulie420@VERT/BEERS20 to Digital Man on Tue Jan 16 17:13:00 2024
    I'm thinking of making a video series on programming in C and then later maybe C++. I've been reading a lot of (mostly C++) programming books in preparation for this project.

    I would really love this, and would following along 100%!

    I bet you have, but have you seen PY4E?

    Dr. Chuck offers free [and paid] courses and videos on Python that were REALLY awesome - they're on both youtube and paid sites, but his method of teaching [and outlining courses that might interest you in the above] is awesome.

    I'll be following if you launch this project, DM!

  • From Dr. What@VERT/THEGATEB to poindexter FORTRAN on Fri Jan 19 07:37:00 2024
    poindexter FORTRAN wrote to Digital Man <=-

    I tutored a FORTRAN class with a particularly bad professor. Friends of mine would hang out after the class and I'd go over what he'd taught.

    Been there.

    I always felt cheated when colleges hire professors for their research capabity, but make them teach.

    I've had more than a couple of teachers/profs who fit the "How did repiles evolve? <teacher/prof> tried to teach fish how to swim" joke.

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