• Re: looking for a 16bit debugger

    From fusion@VERT/CFBBS to xbit on Mon Mar 29 16:51:00 2021
    On 28 Mar 2021, xbit said the following...

    Helping someone work on a door project and we're looking for preferably
    a GUI-based debugger or static reverse engineering program capable of analyzing 16-bit MS-Dos programs. Legacy software that needs to be run

    Hopefully you see this here..

    I believe the DOSBox team received permission to distribute the freeware version of IDA Pro 5.0.. which Hex-Rays have otherwise burried. But as DM mentioned Turbo Debugger is very nice. One thing to watch out for is that TD will eventually crash VirtualBox if you need to use it there. (TD likes
    having a real CPU and will use unemulated features) So it might be wise to ensure that whatever DOS version you're using doesn't do any disk caching :)

    There are also debugger versions of DOSBox, but I wasn't very fond of the interface.. and it's capable of debugging the emulator AND the client
    software which adds a layer of complexity.

    Just curious.. what's the project?

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