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    From Sprite@VERT/TINTETBB to All on Fri Dec 4 20:49:21 2020
    I know that I asked this question like 5+ years ago, so the users that had worked with 'droid before may no longer be reading here, but is there anybody who currently works with any android programming?
    I've been having an absolutely ridiculous amount of issue with using PeriodicWorkRequest & WorkManager... (See the following code:
    https://gitlab.com/dgetsman/half-life-timer/-/blob/bugfix/plethora-of-workers/a pp/src/main/java/com/example/sprite/half_lifetimer/NotificationService.java#L64
    [sorry about the long & broken gitlab link])
    It seems that my code is spawning around 20 PeriodicWorkRequest jobs every time that it is supposed to be spawning just the one. Strangely enough, the behavior is slightly different when I work from a different machine; if I do the same testing on my virtual android device, it spawns 3-4 work requests instead of the huge plethora that I've got going.
    I've tried talking to the #android-dev gurus on freenode about it, and they don't have a clue. I've tried AndroidForums, StackOverflow, and Reddit with no luck, either. Anybody have any idea what may be doing this and/or where I might be able to go for a little more help with getting to the bottom of this?
    Many thanks in advance!


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