• Re: What is your preferred editor for scripting or quick editing?

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    Re: What is your preferred editor for scripting or quick editing?
    By: Kirkman to Nightfox on Tue Sep 05 2017 12:54:43

    I'm surprised there aren't more votes for Sublime Text. Such a fantastic tex
    editor, particularly its multiple selection and columnar selection abilities

    Any chance it has something to do with the fact that it costs US$70 for one license? That's what drove me away from using Sublime Text and just stick with Visual Studio Code and Geany.

    Several years back, I was searching for a good editor for college. For HTML/CSS/Javascript, we were using Notepad++ in the lab. I found it to be a bit ugly for my taste, and the syntax highlighting seemed clunky (the previous semester I got hooked on Visual Studio learning C#).

    I tested several free editors out, and I settled on Sublime Text. I loathe the new "cloud" licensing model everybody's moving to. Maybe it's just because I'm older, but I like the old box store model. Pay for something and it's yours; you decide if you want to upgrade or stick with what works.

    Anyways, at the time I loved Sublime Text's license. I thought it was better than most of the other editors, and I liked the model. Pay once, use everywhere. And, it could run off a flash drive. I was able to use the same software in five different locations.

    Visual Studio Code had just been released at that time. I gave it some time to "mature". I believe Adobe had also started an open source editor about the same time. I tried both, and then started using Code in place of Sublime. In the end, while Code seems a bit heavy, I thoroughly enjoy it, and I think it's highlighting is even better than Sublime.

    I was able to snag an adjunct instructor position right out of college. I created a list of recommended editors for my students. Looking at the list, I'm currently recommending: VS Code, Brackets, Atom, Sublime Text. I put Sublime at the bottom of the list due to the license, although I explain they can use it for the course, and it's still recommended.

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