• New programming game CoreWar - as a door!

    From Marisag@VERT/AMIGAC to All on Fri Jun 1 01:27:54 2018
    Hello! I have just started working on a fork of pmars that is "hardened" for use as a BBS door. That means if this mode is enabled the "shell" and "write" commands are disabled. I have also added a tournament script that battles every warrior that compiles without error against each other and generates both a text status listing and a HTML version (for my game see here: https://amigacity.xyz/corewar).

    I have added a email and website tag to the redcode parser and if authors add them they will be linked in to the warriors listings (see mine above).

    Lastly I have developed a text "GUI" to let you manage your warriors and run test battles so you can test it without having to wait till the daily tournament runs.

    This is intended for use as a BBS door on linux systems where users do not and should not have filesystem access. It is available in the download area at https://SynchronetBBS.org, and at GitHub: https://github.com/fstltna/CoreWarIf you need help I have a forum for it at: https://synchronetbbs.org/index.php/forum/corewar - looking forward to working with you!

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