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    From Chickenhead@VERT to All on Tue Sep 17 18:10:07 2019
    Ok..not wanting to start any language religious wars but the mere mention of Smalltalk always seems to ignite them...

    Has anyone spent any time working with Squeak (or Pharo, the more updated version)? Back in the stone ages of the 90's I was on the Squeak dev list...it was actually done by Alan Kay, Dan Ingalls and the original Smalltalk team. But fast forwarding it's gone the open source route, and even been forked into Pharo (a much friendlier version).

    Regardless..it's been many years since I gave a damn about programming, and when the bug finally got me again I decided to go with my first real love, Smalltalk. Specifically Squeak and Pharo.

    And I'm going to plug Seaside, the web development platform written in Squeak/Pharo. It's been a fantastic adventure in both web development and revising my Smalltalk knowledge. I very quickly used Pharo at work to make myself a notepad application (via Seaside). And just for fun (it's been a long time since I found programaming "fun") I've spent probably the last 5 months hacking together a complete web forum system that emulates either Slashdot.org style or PHPbb style in Seaside.

    It has been great fun.

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