• I have a Dream

    From Visitor-0@VERT/AMSTRAD to All on Sat Nov 5 23:22:40 2022
    Hello, my English is bad.

    I have a Dream. All FTN Nets this exist have extra one Write-Area and linked very very
    FTN-Nets. I can than search another Nets, or make as Two then One, all User can then easy find
    another Net

    Link-in-all-FTN-Nets is the Name

    and all is linked and can Answer and Ask. I find pascalNet. In Internet is much Homepages are
    dead. In FTN-one-Area can man Infos search for closed Nets.


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  • From Visitor-0@VERT/ALCABBS to Margaerynne on Tue Nov 8 13:17:31 2022
    Re: I have a Dream
    By: Margaerynne to MRO on Mon Nov 07 2022 20:16:19

    your english is very bad.
    Is it too forward to say I love you?
    I apologize if so, but the entertainment value is truly neverending.

    What - love? :-))

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