• Syncterm Crashs When Play

    From MIKE POWELL@VERT/CAPCITY2/CAPCITY to CODEFENIX on Thu Jul 7 16:47:00 2022
    DW> BANSI Style

    "All ANSI Music enabled" is what Yankee Trader needs in order to play the
    sounds. Otherwise SyncTERM spews incoherent strings where the ANSI sounds are played.

    I have a feeling it will work for you and the problem is on strictly with me though. Still interested in knowing if it works for you.

    Well, it works in the sense that it does not crash. I don't have speakers
    on this machine so no music plays, but syncterm does not crash.

    ##Mmr 2.61. !link C 7-05-22 20:52
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