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    The router on top of it is running DD-WRT, it's sharing a USB 3.0 2TB

    I just recently bought a Netgear router that looks similar to that and put DD-WRT on it. It replaced my previous router that was about 8 years old..

    When I had my previous router (an Asus RT-N66U), I initially planned to put DD-WRT on it, but at the time I heard it was having trouble supporting DD-WRT. So I found
    that Tomato could install on it, so I used Tomato. I got to like Tomato, but just recently heard that DD-WRT can work on that router now. I ended up selling it afte
    bought my new router though.


    I am using Mikrotik routers for nearly everything SOHO. The low end models are basically consumer grade hardware running enterprise firmware. You can bolt ad blocking,
    REAL QoS and complex firewall and routing logic into them. You are not running a data center with the low end ones but they beat the life out of your typical consumer
    grade system. Unless it is a customized, reflashed consumer grade system :-P


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