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    I'm not sure which were his friends and which were not. I certainly had neve met him before our interview and he showed up very late, like 2AM, after

    i cant remember their names but there's a woman and a man on a couch that got a lot of time. i think those were his friends.

    you couldn't really hear his questions. In at least one case, he planted phrases into my response, like "short shrift" (I was repeating the question) I'd never used that phrase before in my life, nor since, and he kept that sh bit in the movie, which to mean, sounds awkward. <shrug>

    yeah that's not a common expression, atleast in my region.

    my favorite one is make it pay where it was sea vs pkware. i knew some the pkware people so it was very interesting. i also went to the strip c that phil frequented!

    Does that mean you met Phil Katz or you just frequented the same establishme

    i went to the same one that he went to. i think i was probably just turned 21 when he was going there so i probably wouldnt have met him.
    dude's dont really interact with eachother at strip clubs so maybe i walked past him. i met screech from saved by the bell at the same club.

    what was cool is later on some people came out and spoke about the situat on the ascii.textfiles blog. there was a LOT of drama back then and there were people on phil's side who had some inside info about the situation. people at sea were lying a lot and got called on it a few times.

    Cool. Got a link to that blog/discussion?

    there's also a bunch of text captures http://www.textfiles.com/computers/arcsuit.txt



    there's stuff all over the place, not sure if it's one location.
    there are huge flamewars with people from sea and phil's supporters someplace.

    anyways, everyone ripped off of lha. arc did it and other people did it too. ---
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    there's stuff all over the place, not sure if it's one location.
    there are huge flamewars with people from sea and phil's supporters someplac

    "Recently SEA filed contempt of court charges against Katz. While
    the company has kept details of their allegations under seal, they
    appear to be alleging that any use of the word "arc" by Katz,
    even as a descriptive or generic term (for instance, to refer to the
    act of achiving a file--whether one is using SEA's ARC or ZOO or
    any other archiving utility--as "arcing" it) is in violation of the settlement.

    SEA has lately been contacting other software developers whose
    products make use of the ARC file format and threatening legal
    action. Gary Conway, author of NARC, an archive extraction
    utility, was contacted by the company, which tried to pressure him
    to license the ARC format and turn over the source code of NARC.
    Don Kinzer of Polytron received a similar call from Thom
    Henderson of SEA. Henderson told Kinzer that if a software
    product had the ability to read an ARC file--not create or
    extract it, merely read it--SEA would require the vendor to
    obtain a license from SEA

    this is from the sea.txt.html

    it also states that there wasnt an expert in court that examined the source.

    oh here's a compilation of the stuff http://www.bbsdocumentary.com/library/CONTROVERSY/LAWSUITS/SEA/
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