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    Follow this <a href= "https://www.yolo247.com/blog/dragon-tiger-live-game-top-t hree-winning-strategies/">dragon tiger game strategy</a> to win:

    1. Place Your Wager on Dragon or Tiger
    This is probably the best advice anyone can offer you regarding Dragon Tiger. Because these two places have an equal win rate of 50:50, and they will bring you bonuses as well, only place bets on either dragon or a tiger.

    2. Count The Cards
    This game is perfect for those who like keeping track of the cards by counting since very few cards are dealt. For instance, pay attention to 7s, which are losing cards, and check how many 7s are dealt from the deck.

    3. Don't Rely on the Betting Systems
    Regardless of what you might have heard about betting systems in Dragon Tiger, we'll make it clear for you they don't work. Rather than wasting your
    time trying to learn some betting system, a more useful alternative is to follow our tips and save yourself from ending up frustrated.

    4. Never Bet on a Tie
    Betting on a tie indeed has a high payout odds, which are 8:1. But it also has a house advantage of up to 32.77%. That is why only the fortunate ones win when betting on a tie.

    5. Understand The Game
    Rather than rushing into betting, take your time to analyze and execute a specific strategy. Observe the dealer, and if possible, record the results of every game so you can make more precise betting decisions in the future.

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