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    It puts the user into a confusing well of pathways because Linux is not the end all and be all of operating systems. I've always put Linux in the category of "Jack of All Trades, Master of None" because that's what it is.

    I'd think the same thing could be said of Windows though? Since so many people use Windows, you could say Windows has to sort of be a jack of all trades. If you think Linux is a jack of all trades and master of none, do you think there's anything in particular that Windows or Mac OS have really mastered? They're all general-purpose operating systems, and perhaps what Windows still has going for it is the amount of software & drivers available (due to its usage share).

    I think the various operating systems have their place, and I'm not going to automatically recommend "try Linux" to anyone, but if you use a PC for at least some basic purposes like reading email, checking Facebook, etc., a Linux distro could be a good daily use OS. It's not for everyone though (but there are even people who don't like Windows or Mac OS, so I'm not sure I'd say those are for everyone either).


    I have no other context from this conversation and I honestly don't know why I would have made that argument.

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    God damn. 1994. I wouldn't have been born for another year and 3-4 months. [V-=>PF]

    This BBS was 6 years old in 1994. :)


    ##Mmr 2.61. !link V- 4-01-21 12:42

    And it's still one of the best ones online. Your hour/minuets limit and gambling for them really give me that payphone experience.

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    Don't you mean "GNU/Linux"? After all, it's the ecosystem of GNU utilities that make the Linux kernel into a usable system. Incorrectly calling GNU/Linux anything else is as bad as running non-free software...


    I like free software and the GNU/Linux vs Linux dileniation, but not every linux kernal system uses GNU utilities I think? Aren't a lot of the core system functions based on UNIX like system? There's more to that quote that I'm forgetting.

    That's just Richard Stallman being himself. Not a quote, but any interviews I've heard with him, mentioning Linux and/or Open Source would earn you a lecture in the semantics of Free Software.

    Ironically, in one of the interviews of him, he referred repeatedly to "Digital Restrictions Management". I would have liked to correct him patronizingly on mic.

    Well, if you're RMS any EULA other then the GPL is some form of highway robery, exploitation, or theft, so building functions into software that prevent it from functioning properly is in fact an abritray restriction and I don't mind his proper phrasing of the thing that's included in software.

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