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    By: Irish_Monk to MRO on Tue Aug 30 2022 08:24 pm

    Anybody else seeing this high price grocery store bullshit and games? prices are still going up.

    Yes, it is absolutely crazy. What kills me is, gas prices go up every year, other c
    n the following year when gas goes back up they raise prices again. Not Right at al


    ... I'm not a complete idiot... Several parts are missing!

    Issue is as follows:

    If I have glass jar factory and the fuel costs rise, it is more expensive for me to
    make jars. If I make jars while the fuel is expensive, then I have to sell them for
    more in order to recoup the investment taken to produce them, even if the fuel price
    goes down right afterwards.

    Meanwhile, if I produce the jars while the fuel is cheap, and then the fuel gets
    expensive, I have to raise the price of the jars in order to be able to afford producing the next batch of jars.

    TL;DR: there is a reason for prices not going down short after fuel goes down.


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    TL;DR: there is a reason for prices not going down short after fuel goes down.

    Makes sense. Next time I will think before I throw something out there. It just seems like you always see prices going up, and never down even after gas prices go down. But they probably do. But what you said makes absolute sense.



    ... I wish life had a scroll-back buffer.