• I do wish there was just a basic phone system..

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    That being said, I wonder what sort of market would be
    available to T-mobi or another provider if they committed
    to keeping their legacy networks around? Would there be
    enough people with flip phones and 3G iphones to ma it a
    selling point?

    True. The cell companies keep us buying new phones with
    planned obsolesce, and attempt to lure you in with another
    3 year contract. I do wish there was just a basic phone
    system that they would leave alone for talk and text. GSM
    was fine for this, but is pretty much a thing of the past
    and so is a nice compact little phone for just making calls
    and sending texts.

    Dunno about the rest of the world, but in Canada the three
    biggest cellphone/cellservice companies offer econo-versions of
    themselves that you can sign up with and manage totally

    Bell Canada has Luckymobile.
    Rogers has Chatr
    Telus has PublicMobile.

    Perhaps less known is SpeakEasy.

    All them, Luckymobile, Chatr, Publicmobile and Speakeasy have
    options were you can "bring your own" existing phone. No
    longterm contracts, no credit checks.

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