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    By: Xerxes to Grimpen on Fri Jun 17 2022 09:43 am

    Mouse. There has to be a way to protect IP long term but also let things go if the author/owner isn't interested. That's what our whole copyright/patent/trademark system was orginally designed for - to have stuff go into the public domain particularly if they were not being used.

    There is the case of LORD as well. Seth Robinson said in an interview he wants to buy back the rights to LORD for the same amount that he was paid for it so he can open source it and release a key-gen for 4.07+ (and also so he can do other stuff with LORD, but not a new BBS game). He can't get a hold of anyone at Metropolis Gameport to have that conversation, just like most of the people who try to register it.

    they wont sell it. it's been tried before.
    there were talks about it but then the guy got fired or quit and it fell through.
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