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    From knightwise@VERT/BEERS20 to Nightfox on Thu Jun 9 22:20:00 2022
    Yep , I posted the question on Reddit too. I'm not quite sure how to compile the sourcecode on a ppc. I know how to do it on my ubuntu machines (found a great tutorial on youtube) but i don't suppose commands like "apt" work on ppc. I can try to download the tarball and unpack it. See what happens. i'm not completely sure my G3 has all the libraries I need to run syncterm but i can try and find out.
    Did find somebody who precompilled it for intel macs but unfortunately it was a dead link. I will keep you posted on my progress.

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    On 09 Jun 2022, knightwise said the following...

    I've been playing around with BBS's for a couple of weeks now and
    thought it would be great to run syncterm from an old PPC iMac G3. I was wondering if any of you know if there are any PPC binaries out there I
    can find ?

    I don't have any PPC hardware and don't know much about compiling, but I did manage to compile it on OpenBSD, which might be relevant for compiling it on OSX.

    gemini://gemini.greenleader.xyz/technotes.gmi (post is
    2022-02-09: Compiling SyncTERM on OpenBSD)

    The summary of the OpenBSD process is:
    Meatlotion's Linux compile instructions: https://www.erb.pw/how-to-install-syn Bugs 40, 41, and 80 from the SyncTERM bug tracker: https://sourceforge.net/p/s A lot of searching and learning about compiling in OpenBSD.

    Note that I may have missed a dependency here. Shouldn't be too hard to find i

    Run this as root:
    pkg_add unzip gcc git
    git clone https://gitlab.synchro.net/main/sbbs.git
    cd sbbs/src/syncterm
    st_path=$(pwd | sed 's/\/syncterm$//g')
    gmake SRC_ROOT=$sst_path
    gmake install
    which syncterm

    It installed to /usr/local/bin/syncterm on my system. Running "syncterm -iSF" runs it full screen, stretched to fit. SSH works as you would expect.

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