• the great old way

    From Ultra Magnus@VERT/HDCBBS to All on Sun May 29 17:11:31 2022
    So a month or two, I found this BBS way on Youtube.com during lunch break so i join this board thinking to my self, "why not to try the old way?" So here we are and for the most part it is nostalgique.

    I'm a 2001 so the internet was here in france, and when I the little Ultra Magnus on is windows xp start my adventure on the world wide web in 2008 thing started to get really interesting, for me first was the forum page's and now the BBSes board it feel like i whent full circle so yay i feel just like home here

    Ultra Magnus
    the 05/30/2022 France

    Synchronet Hard Drive Cafe - hdcbbs.com