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    From Kaelon@VERT to Arelor on Mon May 30 13:34:09 2022
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    By: Arelor to MRO on Sun May 29 2022 09:53 am

    Cloudflare, see above. Besides, I don't like the fact CLoudflare gets to see, analyze and correlate so much Internet traffic. They are a Google-grade threat for privacy.

    I think, compared to OpenDNS/Cisco, Google, etc., CloudFlare is one of the most transparent, privacy-friendly, and accountable services out there. The fact that they go to great lengths and even hire third-parties to audit their stated practices (for example, they don't write any traffic logs beyond a technically-necessary 24-hour buffer period), definitely helps provide more confidence than any other provider.

    What concerns in particular with Cloudflare do you have? I'm speaking mostly from the authoritative DNS space, and not necessarily from the TLS/SSL certificate space (though, the practices are supposedly uniform).
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