• Sig P365x

    From JIMMY ANDERSON@VERT/OTHETA to ALL on Thu Jul 8 21:51:00 2021

    One of these followed my wife home a couple of weeks ago... :-)

    Short story long - we went out of town for a few days. I'm a big
    fan of Smokey Mountain Knife Works and recently learned that they
    sell guns and ammo too. They were advertising a Taurus Judge
    (something Vanessa has wanted for a while) for like $329. They
    were also advertising a black imitation pearl grip Heritage revolver
    for $119.

    I had offered a guy $100 for a used one a few years ago. He was going
    to sell it to me, but ended up trading to another guy instead. My
    thought process was, "heck - if I'd pay $100 for a used one that I
    haven't shot or even held in my hand, I'd pay another twenty for a
    brand new one!" So, I added that to my .22 collection.

    They were out of the Judge, though, but she saw a Kahr (I've heard
    good things, but never shot one) that she liked. She asked the
    clerks if any had any opinion or, more importantly, if they had
    shot one. None had, but one guy asked, "are you looking for a carry
    gun?" Her reply was "I have one - more than one, actually, but
    I like the look of this."

    (For the record, we have matching S&W .40 Shield first gens - hers
    has a laser, mine doesn't - holds 7 rounds)

    She looked at the SIG - 599 price - she was hesitant, but REALLY
    really liked the way it felt, so it followed us home. LOL

    Then she shot it - then I did - WOW! My knee jerk thought was to
    sell my Shield and buy one myself, but now I've decided to keep
    mine and continue carrying it and maybe buy a SIG of my own
    one day soon. :-)

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