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    I think it's a natural response to assume inexpensive means junk, however there's only so much workmanship and material quality put into inexpensive firearms. I'd consider a Hi-Point to be a fun shooter, however I doubt I'd shot a match or depend on one for concealed carry.

    You do you. :-) I don't own one, yet, but I'm looking at the .40 Carbine.

    Yes, agreed. However I think there are some well made cheapos out
    there. Kel-Tec for example seems to be affordable, and reliable.

    My wife owns a Sub-2000 now, one of our sons owns one as well. My wife
    also owns a P-32, had a P-3AT and gave it to one of our sons, and a P-11
    I think it is (9mm) that she gave to our other son when she upgraded
    to a Shield .40 for EDC.

    I'm in the market for another 'fun' .22 and looking at the P-17 I think
    it is (.22 LR, not the 'long top' 33 round one) and also looking at the
    PCM-30 .22 magnum.

    At least my experience with them has been.


    He also had a LLama Arms .380 Micromax, which is a replica of a 1911
    model pistol. I was amazed at how well built and comfortable this
    spanish firearm is. They went belly up in 2000 but still fetch 300+

    That sounds very cool!

    I love coming across new things and unexpected charms in the firearms world.

    Same here!!! Right now I'd love to run across somehting that needs a
    little TLC that I could get for a song and spend some time doing my
    'bedroom gunsmithing' on. :-)

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